‘Comming together to co-create’

Move to the Hat, and MaxWell NetWork Realty love our cities Downtown and the people who choose to do business there. As of July, The Kommon opened up their space on 3rd Street. A light and fresh decor aimed at collaboration and creativity. The goal here is to provide like-minded people with an environment to support and host their ideas and projects. I think Kat, the owner, says it best.

‘The Kommon is an art and health, focused community centre. We’re aiming to be the bridge to support our community in creating a happier, healthier, more sustainable world.’

Superfoods and attaining a state of radiance.

Kat is obviously passionate about healthy foods. Through her ‘Mother Earth’ business, she brings three years plus of heath food experience to The Kommon. The Herbal Elixir Bar, Superfood Supplements and Fermented foods aim to boost and regulate the immune system and manage stress. I can tell you right now that the calming vibe in The Kommon alone would relieve stress.

While Kat admits that the menu can make first-time buyers a little intimidated, she stresses that taste is priority number one.

‘We’re aiming to break that paradigm that eating healthy needs to be this restrictive, boring, complicated thing. The only way we can be sustainable and consistent is to enjoy what we’re doing.’

The staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to adapting menu choices to each individual’s health needs. One option that stood out was the Herbal Hot Chocolate. Made with the highest-grade Ecuadorian chocolate and with herbs are added to suit the customer’s wants and needs. Adding coffee is an option to give it that added boost too.

Whole-body health.

Finding delicious, healthy, local and sustainable ‘superfoods’ is only one part of The Kommon’s strategy to promote your health. The body movement studio, wellness workshops, and treatment room with massage therapists play a role in elevating your well-being.

Live art auctions and art galleries provide creative Hatters with the opportunity to share their works and customers the chance to be affected by them. The ‘Artists Hive and Mastermind’ room is also rental space for projects, planning, and peace.

For sharing with the community, there is also the podcast and greenscreen room. This fully equipped studio can be rented out to record your next podcast episode or any other audio.

‘When we’re looking at health in general, and what makes people feel happy and fulfilled, creative expression and art are right up there.’ says Kat.

Keeping it local.

During our whole conversation, the word local kept coming up. Whether it was sourcing ingredients or products like their ‘Raw’ Juice, Kat and her staff are always looking to find what they need closer to home. If you have a product or service you think The Kommon would benefit from then, please pop into the store and talk to the staff. They would love to hear from you.

Raising awareness and education on the benefits of a more nutritious and balanced lifestyle is key to The Kommon. The open and friendly atmosphere makes it easy to hang out there and find out more.