I have a problem. When ever I have time to cross things of off my ‘Life to do list’, instead of picking the top item on the list and tackling it, I add four or five to the top and I inevitably never achieve any of it.

For instance, now that I work from home, and the market is this slow, I have looked at this situation as an opportunity to devote time to the things I have put on the back burner. I am finally going to be able to re-organize the garage, finish a painting I started a month or two ago, and write a novel I have been talking to Jennifer about for years. I imagine how great it would be to cross just one of those, never mind the many other items off my life list. However, I don’t do that, I just add more to it. Currently since I started working form home, I have a French course started, an App building course started, and Graphic Design course, started.

That’s absurd, I don’t have time. I now have three, month long, courses added to my to do list. This is so stupid of me, I clearly have to blame someone else. I blame you Ken Feser!

Ken Feser is the Chief Librarian at the Medicine Hat Public Library (MHPL). I sat down with Ken a week or two ago and interviewed him for an upcoming blog. I’m still working on that, you know, the actual to do list. During our conversation Ken spoke at length about all the resources you can access online with the power of your MHPL membership card.

I, like the fool I am, opened that website and proceeded to sign cheques my schedule couldn’t cash.

So, from the MHPL home page you will see the ‘Books and More’ tab.

As you can see, the list here is extensive. I mistakenly clicked on ‘Online Courses’.

Gale Courses. I don’t know who Gale is but they have a lot to answer for.

Once here you will be tempted by many subject matters. A quick registration page followed by entering your MHPL membership number and you are signed up and on your way. The subjects are delivered at a steady pace over the course of a month, depending on what you sign up for. The online tutors are available through the forums as will as your other class mates who can be relied on for help too.

So there you have it. Mistakes were made but I if I knuckle down and manage my time better not only will I get my work done, like next weeks’ blog, but I will also learn a thing or two using these amazing public resources. If you don’t have a Library Card you can take care of that online too, at the link below.