I spend a lot of time with my head phones on. I have done since the first pair of scratchy red-foamed, Walkman head phones sat on my ears. I think I was hooked. I listen to lots of different types of music and will commit to an audio book every now and then. However, my most recent obsession are Podcasts. Podcasts are king, when it comes to plugging in and checking out. There doesn’t seem to be a subject you can think of that doesn’t have one and for the most part, they’re free. What’s not to love.

Recently I asked the https://www.reddit.com/r/medicinehat/ reddit page if there were any local Podcasts I could be listening to. The community didn’t disappoint and three Podcasts were added to my subscriptions.

SNM ‘Pubcast’

SNM Pubcast Podcast

The first I’d like to share is called SNM ‘Pubcast’. Hosted by Shakey, Nickel and Marty the format is pretty simple. A group of guys, sit down in the pub and share views of the world the likes of which only friends and alcohol can solicit. Sometimes political, sometimes laugh out loud funny, maybe crossing a line or too at times but undoubtedly entertaining. The Podcast has a wit and wisdom we will all be familiar with and whilst some of us would balk at the idea of recording some of the conversations we’ve had across a pub table, I’m glad that Shakey, Nickel and Marty have. An episode of note would be ‘We love you Industry Pub’ posted November 5th 2019.

The SheWolfe Den

The SheWolfe Den Podcast

The SheWolfe Den is a fitness Podcast hosted by Ally Dewolfe of Back Ally Fitness fame. Billed as a Podcast for Women by Women, I found the information and point of view enlightening. Episode one in particular, lead to a great conversation with my gymnast daughter, about strength and the effect social pressures can have on our goals. I highly respect the message behind this Podcast and can’t wait to hear more. Guests so far have been Sage Watson and Lisa Szabon-Smith.

The Forgotten Corner

The Forgotten Corner Podcast

The Forgotten Corner is pretty fresh, with episode one posted on the 26th of April. Hosted by Scott Schmidt, Jeremy Appel and Mo Cranker. If these names are familiar to you, then it will come as no surprise that casting a critical eye on the world around us, is featured heavily. The Forgotten Corner has the potential to push you out of your echo chamber. Even if you don’t agree with the hosts point of view, having your beliefs challenged is a great way to check how justified you are in having them.

I hope that you give these Podcasts a listen to. I don’t imagine it’s easy to put your self out there in this way and some local support would probably go a long way. If there are Podcasts out here in the Hat that I have not included it is because I haven’t found them. Please send me a message and let me know so I can listen and share. Stay safe everyone, much love, Move To The Hat.