With most of us finding ourselves with a little extra time on our hands these days, we thought it might be fun to search up and share some of Medicine Hat’s Facebook groups.

You grew up in Medicine Hat AB, if you remember when…

This is the wordy title to an amazing group. Weather you did indeed grow up here or have moved here recently, the fascinating insight into the Cites history is a true time a great way to build a connection to it’s roots. The fashion, the cars and the yearbook photos all add to the living history of this Cities places and people.


Medicine Hat RC Gearheads

Building, buying, selling, and sharing all things RC. With 305 members and an active page of contributions ‘Medicine Hat RC Gearheads‘ is worth a look. The video submissions are fun to watch with the trend being towards driver skill, a rope bridge video springs to mind, and lots more off road antics. As the weather picks up I have no doubt that the page will have plenty of videos and pictures being added to it’s already wealthy stock.

The group is members only but I have added the link below so you can ask to join and start sharing.


Covid-19 Birthday Drive By – Medicine Hat

hinking about spending a day spreading a little joy? How about joining ‘Covid-19 Birthday Drive By – Medicine Hat

A group dedicated to showing people that just because we can’t be together, doesn’t mean we not in this together. The sole purpose of this group is the organizing and participating in birthday drive by’s. Show the community that we are united and care. If ever there was a Facebook group worthy of our support at this time, this is it.

Covid-19 Birthday Drive By – Medicine Hat is a closed group, so click the link below to join.


Medicine Hat Photography Club

This group is a place where Hatters handy with a camera can share pics taken in Medicine Hat and around the world. For those of you who are like me and barely know one end of a camera from the other, this is still a great page to see the world through the lens of some amazing photographers. If you are photographically inclined then what better place to show off your talent.



Posted by Robert Thomas Colley on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Medicine Hat Art Club!

Medicine Hat’s art scene is mighty and if you don’t believe me then browse on over to the ‘Medicine Hat Art Club!’ A multitude of mediums, genres, and skill levels. It’s a group providing a platform for growth and inspiration. A supportive membership will help you with ideas and feedback to keep your artist flag flying.


Almost done

Posted by Amanda Dawn on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Medicine Hat is a community of depth and variety. I have no doubt that no matter your interest you will find a group of like minded people here. We merely scratched the surface of what Medicine Hat’s online presence has to offer and would love to here of any groups that you love but were not included. Please share so that more people can join and enjoy.

Much Love, Move to the Hat.