Low maintenance and beautiful.

Nestled in 2nd street southeast, next to the old Gary Hound building, is the boutique plant shop Botanicals.

The small Downtown space compliments the little pots of exotic looking plants arranged on every shelf. Cacti, succulents and tropical plants are Botanicals specialty. Coupled with the accents, decor, fertilizers, and plant care items, the store is teeming with life. 

The popularity of these plant types’ is evident by the cue of people often seen waiting outside the store. I asked Carry, the owner, where the idea came from to focus on these plants in particular.

Carry busy preparing for the day ahead.

‘ It’s where Botanicals started. I started out making succulent arrangements and cacti arrangements. I tend to gravitate towards low maintenance plants that are beautiful. Cactus and succulents fit the mould for what I was looking for. They are what we’ve built our business on.’

 Carry went on to explain that the first three years of Botanicals life started in her home. She was selling arrangements online and at local markets while raising her small children.

Growing into Downtown.

Botanicals is one of the growing numbers of Medicine Hat’s small businesses making a move to Downtown. As I tend to find with most people in our community, our Downtown core is dear to our hearts. Carry is no exception.

‘I didn’t feel like there was any other place in town we should be. I’ve always loved the charm down here ever since I was a kid. Our Downtown has so much potential, and it’s so cute, and I would love to see it become a happening place. It wouldn’t make sense for me to want that and put my business anywhere else.’

I don’t know an awful lot about plants, even my lawn is patchy, but I am told that Botanicals had a plant even I could manage.

‘I like to think we have a plant for every skill level. The number one question we get asked is, ‘What plant can’t I kill?’ Well, we have a plant for that.’

So whether you are just starting or have the greenest green thumbs, Botanicals have you covered. Carry is always looking for new and exciting plants to bring into the store, so the selection changes regularly. Be sure to check in regularly to find out what they have going on or follow them on Facebook to see what’s coming next.

All this month for Breast Cancer Awareness month, proceeds from the sale of every Cold Gold boobie pot will be donated…

Posted by Botanicals on Thursday, October 15, 2020